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About CRPS

CRPS, also known as complex regional pain syndrome, can occur after an injury or trauma, a surgical procedure, or be the result of a stroke or heart attack. Developing within the arms and/or legs, this condition can create pain, swelling, and immobility, as well as changes in the bones and skin. However, there are several effective treatments for CRPS that can make remission possible. At Tricity Pain Associates, our pain management physicians offer innovative treatment options for your specific CRPS case. We can help you experience alleviation of your painful symptoms associated with CRPS. Contact our San Antonio, TX facility to learn more about advanced CRPS treatment and to schedule an initial consultation with one of our skilled physicians.

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CRPS Treatment

There are several methods of treatment for CRPS and its associated symptoms. These may include medication, physical and occupational therapy, neuromodulation, and psychological treatments. Additionally, our team may recommend spinal cord stimulation, steroid injections, and nerve stimulation. The exact treatments that are best for you may be dependent upon the type and location of your condition. Typically, less invasive treatments will be recommended prior to the suggestion of more invasive treatments. Nevertheless, our team of pain management specialists will explain all of your treatment options before creating the ideal plan for you.

Learn more by contacting Tricity Pain Associates in San Antonio, TX to schedule a consultation at our state-of-the-art facility.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome FAQ

How long will it take before results are seen with complex regional pain syndrome?
When receiving treatment, most patients experience an improvement in their pain symptoms over the first two years. To get CRPS relief, contact our professionals at your earliest convenience.

What various treatments are provided to help with CRPS relief?
Part of understanding CRPS comes when you understand how to manage pain relief. This can include home treatments like heat therapy or occupational therapy. Some patients also benefit from spinal cord stimulation or acupuncture.

How should I prepare for treatment for CRPS in San Antonio, TX?
Before your first appointment, you should make note of any symptoms you are experiencing. These include how severe they are and the specific location of the stiffness or sensitivity. You should also write down any specific questions you have so that our team can help create a treatment plan to reduce your pain.

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