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What are Nerve Blocks?

In order to eliminate pain sensations, a nerve block is a kind of numbing agent that is delivered to areas of joints and the spine. As an effective alternative surgery, this minimally invasive procedure temporarily stops the nearby nerves from delivering signals of pain. During a nerve block in San Antonio, TX, a fine-gauged needle is positioned into the affected areas, and pain-relieving or anti-inflammatory medications are injected into the nerve or group of nerves. Nerve blocks can be effectively utilized to treat chronic and severe nerve pain that may be the result of an injury, the natural aging process, or arthritis. This procedure is especially useful to alleviate pain for patients that are having a difficult time completing physical therapy due to discomfort. Contact Tricity Pain Associates in San Antonio, TX ,to learn more about a nerve block procedure and how it may be beneficial for you.

How does Nerve Block Treatment work?

A nerve block for pain in San Antonio, TX, typically takes only a few minutes to complete. Following your treatment, you will be able to return to your normal daily activities, but you may need to have a family member or friend drive you home. Any additional aftercare instructions will be provided by a member of our team to ensure you heal and recover properly. Since a nerve block offers only temporary relief of discomfort and pain, secondary treatments are often necessary to preserve results. You should pay close attention to your pain levels in order to know when to schedule your follow-up appointments.

To learn more about nerve blocks, contact Tricity Pain Associates at our state-of-the-art San Antonio, TX facility to schedule your initial consultation.

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Nerve Block FAQ

How should I prepare for a nerve block injection?

Patients receiving a nerve block in San Antonio, TX, typically do not have any special preparation instructions to complete. You may be required to change into a gown for the procedure, depending on the location of your injection. Please consult your pain specialist if you have any further questions about preparation.

Are nerve block injections painful?

Patients receiving nerve blocks for pain in San Antonio, TX, may experience a pinching sensation when the needle administers the medication. There may be some discomfort during the injection, but once the medication is administered, you should experience pain relief at the injection site. If you experience significant pain, please alert your pain specialist immediately.

What are the possible risks of a nerve block injection?

Nerve blocks are minimally invasive, but there are some associated risks with the procedure, including infection, bleeding, and accidental administering of medication into the bloodstream. Please discuss all the risks and benefits of the nerve block injection with your pain specialist prior to the procedure.

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