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About Evaluation/Pain Mapping

At Tricity Pain Associates, we work to not only treat chronic pain conditions, but we also ensure you receive a proper diagnosis. With evaluation and pain mapping, we are able to fully understand the cause and origin of your pain in order to provide the best course of treatment for you. These examinations allow our team of pain management experts to better understand your condition, the severity of your discomfort, and any additional symptoms so we can provide comfortable, accurate treatments. Each patient’s case is different, which is why it is essential to seek care from an experienced physician to ensure an accurate diagnosis for ideal treatment options. Contact Tricity Pain Associates in San Antonio to schedule an initial consultation with one of our skilled pain management physicians today.

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When you visit our San Antonio office for your appointment, we will conduct your exam on-site in one of our spacious treatment rooms to allow for your privacy and comfort. To begin, we will evaluate your medical history and your current symptoms to better understand what may be the cause of your pain. After your evaluation, we will conduct the pain mapping part of your examination. In this assessment, we will utilize a specific modality that emits small electrical currents to identify the specific location of your pain and discomfort. Once this is complete, we will evaluate our findings and talk with you about which treatment options we may recommend. The suggested procedures will vary based upon your underlying condition but may include physical therapy, steroid injections, nerve blocks, or pain medication.

To learn more about your pain management options, contact Tricity Pain Associates in San Antonio, TX to schedule a consultation.

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Evaluation and Pain Mapping FAQ

Why is an evaluation and pain mapping necessary?

There are times when the source of your pain cannot be clearly identified. Pain mapping becomes necessary when pain prevents you from exercising, climbing the stairs, or even walking properly. Our goal at Tricity Pain Associates is to help you return to your daily activities in comfort.

Will pain mapping cure my condition?

While pain mapping is not a treatment, it can help identify the cause of your symptoms. Once we provide an accurate diagnosis, the experienced team at Tricity Pain Associates can look into conservative and advanced therapies to reduce your pain.

Am I a candidate for pain mapping?

Tricity Pain Associates offers pain mapping for patients of all needs and backgrounds. During your initial appointment, we will look into your health history and determine if this is right for you. Our specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have in our office.

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