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What is Vertebroplasty?

As a minimally invasive procedure, vertebroplasty in San Antonio, TX, can be performed to properly treat compression fractures of the spine. By injecting acrylic bone cement into the fractured area, this procedure is able to diminish pain and offer stability to the area. In many cases, these fractures could be the cause of osteoporosis or due to trauma or injury. When you experience a compression fracture, it is important to seek professional care as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage and help with your spinal pain. Our team of pain management experts at Tricity Pain Associates provides vertebroplasty procedures in San Antonio, TX, as a way to effectively treat the pain associated with spinal compression fractures and as a way to support the area. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort due to a compression fracture, we encourage you to contact our San Antonio, TX, facility to learn more and to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled and experienced physicians.

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Vertebroplasty FAQ

What is the recovery time from a vertebroplasty procedure for spinal pain?
It can take up to six months to one year for your backbone to heal completely. After the initial procedure, you may experience soreness in the area. You can use an ice pack as a remedy. Schedule a consultation with our team for additional information.

Can you drive after a vertebroplasty?
You can drive, but you should wait up to two days after the procedure. It is also important to avoid driving when you are taking narcotics pain medicine. To receive the spine pain relief you've been searching for, schedule an appointment with our team.

How long does vertebroplasty in San Antonio, TX take?
This will depend on the situation and how many bones are being treated. In general, our patients will find that it takes up to one hour for each bone that is treated. If you have specific questions pertaining to how long yours will take, connect with our team today.

How quickly does a vertebroplasty procedure help with pain?
In general, patients experience relief within 24 – 48 hours after vertebroplasty procedures in San Antonio, TX. While you may want to go back to doing your normal activities once you start to feel better, it is advised that you avoid strenuous physical activity for at least six weeks.

Spine pain relief you can feel

Typically performed as an outpatient procedure, vertebroplasty procedures in San Antonio, TX, can be conducted with a local or general anesthetic. With the use of a live x-ray monitor, the needle will be accurately placed into the treatment area prior to the injection of the bone cement. Based on the patient and the severity of the compression fracture, a number of injections might be necessary to effectively secure the area. Following the procedure, it might be suggested that you lie on your back for a period of time to help the cement fill the vertebrae and harden. Further observation may also be recommended for some time following the treatment to make sure you receive optimal results and a healthy recovery.

Learn more about vertebroplasty procedures for treating compression fractures by contacting Tricity Pain Associates in San Antonio, TX, to schedule an initial consultation. We look forward to helping you get the spine pain relief you've been seeking.

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